Recap of 2022

January 10, 2023

It has been a while since I last posted here. 2022 was the slide after the rollercoaster of 2021! I actually did not set solid goals for myself in 2021, at least not really financially. The theme for 2022 was more about rebuilding myself after hitting the pedal to the metal in 2021. I did financially well that year, but I felt as if there was a cost that I paid and I really wanted to refocus on myself and my family. If you want to read the details of my goals for 2022, go to my blog post “Goal Setting 2022”.

There was a lot going on in 2022. I was still the President of my local Rotary club and executed a fundraiser with them. The fundraiser was a big success, but if you have ever hosted a fundraiser, you know how time-consuming, physically, and mentally tasking it is. While I was stepping out of this Leadership Role, I was entering another one through my local Association of Realtors. I learned so much in this process and I am continuing to learn every day.

I also finished out my class through Leadership Clarksville and met so many amazing people who helped me grow personally and professionally. I’m so grateful for my director and classmates who have become my biggest cheerleaders in life. I was so inspired by the program that I agreed to host the Religion and Diversity Day for the class of 2023 in mid January.

I also planned a HUGE quinceanera for my daughter! This was a year planning in the making and her birthday is wedged right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This was the biggest event that I have put together and I will possibly share in a future post about the planning and details that have went into that one. I am so grateful for my party planner Tiffany at According to Plan Events. There was no way I would be able to plan a party of that scale while volunteering, working, serving on committees, and raising a teenager. She held my sanity together and was worth every penny.

The Chatt House has officially had its one year anniversary! I finished out my first year successfully and profitable! I am so proud of myself for staying pretty organized due to a great team and support system in Chattanooga. There has been a lot of changes going on for short term rentals in the city and I got my permit to run my business just in time. The city has unfortunately, stopped accepting any new airbnbs in 2022, but hopefully those restrictions will be lifted this year.

As for my real estate business, I have continued to do well. Helping clients buy and sell homes is my main income and I have closed out 2022 in a new real estate brokerage with right under $5 million in sales. I scaled back a bit this year for my family and mental health. I worked continuously in 2021, but last year I took a lot of breaks. I was starting to feel a major burnout from not taking days off, neglecting my body, and the constant stress. Even though I did do less in sales this year, I did travel more. I also spent a lot of time with my family. I traveled to Texas and Washington, both twice this year, North Carolina, and Florida. I also visited Chicago for the first time, spent time in California for a sister trip, and took my daughter to New York for her first time. I took last year to refocus on why exactly I decided to become an entrepreneur. The answer was to have more time for my family while making a good amount of money. When you sacrifice your time with family, you cannot get that time back. The money will also come, but you can never earn more time.
(Insert photo of me sitting on bridge)

I’m excited to start writing again and I look forward to sharing my stories and tips with you!

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