Top 5 Places things to do in Downtown Clarksville

November 14, 2023

Clarksville has grown significantly over the 25+ years that I have lived here. Honestly, it has changed a lot in the past five years! This city of Clarksville is the fifth largest and fastest growing city in the state of Tennessee and it shows! Every time somebody comes back to visit, they say how much it has changed since they last visited. Some people may think of that as a negative thing, but I think that comment reflects how this city is growing and progressing!

Recently my sister and brother in law were in town for a few days and I wanted to show them how much Clarksville has changed and the cool things we have to offer. They spent the first several days in Nashville since it was a work related trip, so I really wanted to impress them! Here is a list of the top places you can take people to really show how great it is to live in Clarksville!

1. Downtown Commons

Downtown Commons is one of my favorite places to go to. There are a lot of events that the city and private businesses host. The turf is very impressive to show the sustainability aspect of our city and is a great place for a picnic or to play games. Nearly every weekend has an event in this green space and will also host food trucks. From Downtown at Sundown to the water feature for young kids to play in, this area is family friendly, but also a great space for all ages. Over the past several months I have watched several live musical performances to include Austin Peay State University’s Wind Ensemble Concert, Movie night, and even Sunset Yoga! Follow their Facebook page for updates and more information.

 2. Pinky’s Up Afternoon Tea

If you like an aesthetically pleasing spot to take all of the photos with great owners and staff, this may be the place for you! The inside is pink, and I mean PINK! But despite this color, my  brother in law LOVED this spot. There are also a variety of seating, including a swing set and also plenty of spots inside to take instagram worthy photos. During prom season, this was a hotspot for families to snap some photos. My family are also avid travelers and love tea. We shared a high tea and tier. This consisted of a pot of tea that came with sugar and milk. The tier was three layers of tasty treats; entree on the bottom, charcuterie in the middle and sweets on top. I do love their regular tiers but I would highly recommend visiting them on the weekends for their brunch. My favorite is the shrimp and grits and the chicken and waffles.

3. Arapaap

This hidden gem is behind the parking lot of Strawberry Alley Ale Works, on Main and N 1st. You will have to check out their hours online before you go and on Saturdays they tend to sell out because of the foot traffic from the Saturday Farmers Market. When ever I am hungry but also in a rush, this spot is my go to. They are fresh and hot food that you can grab on the go. The dishes are Hawaiian inspired, with a fusion of Japanese and Filipino dishes. My favorites there are the kimchi rice balls, which is kimchi fried rice shaped into a ball, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and deep fried in panko bread crumbs. (It’s no where near healthy, but so tasty and worth the extra calories). I also like to grab some spam musubis, shrimp tempura, and fresh lumpia. The chef will fry the lumpia to order so it comes out crunchy and hot. They have a variety of other grab and go dishes and also have specials that they will post on their social media. While I grabbed some of these tasty dishes, I typically will grab a boba tea from Tita Boba. They actually share the space and make the drinks fresh to order, My personal favorite is the Taro or Ube, but I usually will get it blended versus the popular on ice.

 4. Nicolettas Bagel Shop

Nicolettas Catering is a Clarksville favorite. They have three locations and counting and this is by far the one I visit most frequently. The location is in The City Market on Franklin Street and is only open Thursday through Sunday. If you want fresh bagels, you will have to go first thing in the morning. These bagels are good, and not Panera bakery good, but better. If you have been to New York, you know they are known for their bagel, and this one is actually comparable. They have different flavor bagels, and you can also get different types of cream cheese to go with it. Nicolettas staff can also whip you up a specialty bagel with different stuffings, my favorite has smoked salmon and capers, lox style. I grabbed a dozen bagels for breakfast for my family and when I arrived at the house, to my surprise, they grabbed some goodies from Arapaap. We had a very interesting mix of foods for breakfast, but I like a little variety.

 5. The Vine on Franklin

This last spot on my list is a personal favorite and I go to this spot regularly. If you are somewhat of a wine connoisseur, this is the place for you. You can often see the owner here and spill so much knowledge about the types of wines they have. There is a very comfortable leather couch but I also will sit at the bar and watch the drinks being poured for everyone. On the weekends they serve a light brunch and will have fresh oysters every once in a while. They do not serve heavy foods, but do have a selection of different charcuterie boards with different sizes. They have also started to incorporate live music as well! My family and I had a great time here and got a few bottles and boards to share. They said it was their favorite as well.

I am very excited for the fun things to do in Clarksville. There are a few vacant buildings that I’m hoping will bring new business as well. There were a few other spots that didn’t make the list, mostly for the sake of time. My family was only here for a few days so we squeezed in the ones on the list. A few of my favorite recommendations would be cicchetti at Yada on Franklin, similar to Spanish tapas. If you like espresso martinis, they make the best I have ever had before. If you’re looking for a spot that has a nice patio or view overlooking Clarksville, The Mailroom has a nice patio and Skyline 500 has an amazing view. These two aren’t my favorites for food or drinks, but aesthetically, they know what they are doing.

Of course this list is catered to my family and our interests. They are all foodies like me, so a lot of what we do may revolve around food. There are of course other things to do in the area like walking around the river walk which is not far from downtown or even checking out events at the new F&M Arena. The arena just opened a few weeks ago, so there is not a full schedule of events yet. But if you like live shows, hockey, ice skating or basketball, sign up for their weekly newsletter

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